About us

Rar Tools and Solutions is a proud member of RAR Holdings Group of companies. The Group is owned by Mr.Rabih Reaidy and operates in multiple locations in the GCC, Levant Area, Africa and Europe. The Group has an annual turnover of more than US$ 150M. The operations was originally established in Dubai as a paints distributor for the products in the UAE.

As the business expanded there was a clear need from the end users for quality tools and solutions to ensure the superb paint products were applied in the best manner. RAR Tools and Solutions was then formed to bring to the market cutting edge technology in the shape of hi-tech tools.

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RAR Tools and Solutions is becoming well reputed and several globally reputed brands are now joining forces with the entity. Examples of this include Pentrillo of Spain which has an exclusive agreement with RAR Tools and Solutions to distribute their products in more than 30 countries. 

The company is predominately focused in the Middle East where most of its trading business are located. This is however supported elsewhere by its premises in Italy, Lebanon and Nigeria as well as agents/distributors in several countries including India. The company’s progressive achievement contributes in the operational excellence that builds long- lasting professional and profitable collaboration business which are recognized in supplying both large and small contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The following are a brief list of some of the major brands under.

RAR Tools and Solutions: 

The company engaged in an extensive range of sectors, offering consumers the current and the most significant names in Painting tools, Sanding materials, Spray Guns, Spray painting machines, Gold and Silver leaf and other Accessories.

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Mision and Vision


To be the recognized as the supplier of choice for our products in the chosen industries and filed we serve.


Our Belief as that being at the fore front of our industry requires expertise, outstanding individuals, teamwork with efficient processes. For these we continuously seek to improve. Additionally by creating a stakeholders balance, we shall achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

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